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Big Bike Parts Indian & Victory Accessories Show Chrome Accessories LED Dual Conversion Harness

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Show Chrome Accessories® is providing cruiser riders everything they need to replace and convert OEM turn signals to Show Chrome Accessories® LED lights with our single indicator LED splitter and Dual function conversion harness. The Single Indicator LED Splitter is required when using Show Chrome Accessories® marker lights, 16-111A, 16-111R, 16-113A, and 16-114R or any aftermarket LED lights as turn signals. This harness eliminates cross feed from left to right turn signals on motorcycles with a single indicator bulb. The LED Dual Conversion Harness allows LED Marker Lights to operate as running and turn signal lights, such as Show Chrome Accessories® 16-111A, 16-111R, 16-113A, and 16-114R. One harness is needed for each individual light. This item is not required with Show Chrome Accessories® Conversion Kits.

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Show Chrome Accessories LED Dual Conversion Harness - LED Dual Conversion Harness
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Show Chrome Accessories LED Dual Conversion Harness - Single Indictator LED Splitter
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